As a Bank Product, FinBot platform is disruption to your traditional CRM system where FinBot is default point of contact as it learns from each customer's contact records & financial history while it can be trained to your service desk manual, teller operations, and financial product advisory offerings

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Innovation of Image recognition, geo tagging and insurance claim processing combined to offer an experience for faster insurance claim filing for vehicle accident insurance and limiting the need of physical surveyor. To be demo'ed at Future Digital Finance Forum, Helsinki on 27.04.2017

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Solves the problem where insurance companies get to know why their existing consumers are investing with them by engaging conversations, suggesting suitable financial products including policy transfers, upgrades, and any communications. Does the onboarding job of customers who purchased the policy thus avoiding human intervention, plus facilitates online claim filing and processing

One demo for Lahi Tapiola, Espoo, Helsinki was done following:

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Case Study: Insurance

Have n't we seen that selling an insurance requires:

  • Collecting customer data
  • Getting financial history
  • Mining other data for life & non-life insurance product offering
  • Building customized Financial Product
  • Product featuring in marketing channels
  • Helping explain new financial products
  • On-boarding the policy holders
  • Insurance Claims Filing & Processing

We sincerely believe that 'ALL' of these can be performed by utilizing our bot building platform with least possible human effort. We do not 'bullshit' you about AI, but offer you AI powered responses after pragmatic valuation alone. Plus we advise you to use secure channels for your conversations. For more details, please get in touch 🙂